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Mythbusters Mailbag: 'tis better to sip than to suck
We get a lot of questions here at Discovery Channel Canada about myths you'd like too see busted. While Adam and Jamie can't answer all of these directly, our panel of experts is standing by to put your queries under the scientific lens. For more mailbag goodies, click here. And to submit a myth or a question, click here.

Question: "Can you really get drunk quicker from drinking beer through a straw?

Status: Busted!

In these unsettled economic times, people are rife with anxiety about their finances, trying to find as many ways as possible to stretch their hard-earned dollar. One Mythbusters viewer, Fiona, noticed a couple of guys at a hockey game who were trying to do just that.

"I was at a hockey game last night and saw two guys drinking their beer through a straw," she writes. "Can you really get drunk quicker from drinking the beer through a straw?"

Unfortunately for those guys, not to mention university students everywhere, you may as well be drinking beer straight from the glass, according to Dr. Milton Tenenbein of the Manitoba Poison Information Ce
ntre professor and the University of Manitoba's Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

"As the reader has framed the question, the answer is clearly no," he says.

According to Dr. Tenenbein, the onset of intoxication resulting from drinking beer with a straw - as opposed to drinking from the glass - is virtually the same. Theoretically, drinking alcohol from a glass is a faster route to souse-ville, since beer is travelling to the stomach more quickly. Though again, neither the drinker nor his buddies will notice any real difference here.

"The difference is insignificant," says Dr. Tenenbein.

The real debate lies elsewhere. "No self-respecting male would drink alcohol through a straw," he says. "The only real question is glass or bottle."

researched by Haig Balian
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